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Common Mistakes (and their fixes) when script writing for videos

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Many times spectacular language and a thorough grasp of the subject are not enough to make an award-winning, viral video. Many problems arise because scripts are a different medium we are not all familiar with. It’s not like writing a novel, a blog post, or a news piece. A script is not even the final form, it’s just an outline, a template for something else.

Here are 2 common mistakes we see in videos all the time (that result from their scripts or lack thereof) and how you can fix them. Continue reading

Advanced Media Integration: Script Writing Advice for Super Videos

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script writing

Videos gain businesses a lot of attention for their product. It’s common to produce several videos for business purposes. By creating videos that are memorable and solidify your brand image gain results. The process of video production includes several steps. One of the steps in producing a great video is developing the script. Script writing plays a crucial role in delivering a fantastic production. Here are 3 features of effective script writing. Continue reading

Mastering proper exposure for basic DSLR video shooting and editing

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Mastering proper exposure is essential for any DSLR video because of the limited latitude (dynamic range) of DSLR cameras. Unlike film cameras from your childhood, DSLR’s are unforgiving with shadows and highlights. 8mm film nicely ‘rolled off’ the whites in overexposed highlights. There weren’t any clipped highlights with, only natural sky as you would expect. DSLR’s work better in low light than film stock with their previously unheard of sensitivity. Even so, if something in the frame is too dark, there’s simply no information for the editor to pull out later when you’re raising the gain in post. Continue reading