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VHS Tape Transfers to DVD: How VHS Tapes Self-Destruct

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VHS Tapes

The self-destructing message tapes in the old Mission Impossible television series do occur in real life with VHS tapes. Of course, video tapes take years to self-destruct rather than seconds. Exactly how many years depends on several factors such as environmental conditions, upkeep, usage, and luck. But the one certainty about all VHS tapes is they inevitably degrade over time and eventually become unusable. Continue reading

Drones Offer a Unique Perspective for Your Special Event

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Drones have revolutionized the way events can be captured and shared. Just a few short years ago the only options for aerial photography were to hire an airplane or a helicopter, which could run $500 or more per hour. Today you can get amazing aerial photographs and videos for a fraction of the price. Continue reading

Long Exposure – How to Get Clear Night Shots

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long exposure

It is critical to have an understanding of long exposure photography if you are intending to shoot at nighttime. While flash photography is common in low light for ease-of-use, long exposure allows you more control and better results.

Long exposure is the act of leaving the shutter open for longer than a typical photo, say for 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or even longer. The duration depends on the available light and the intended brightness of the photo. Continue reading