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Advanced Media: Expertise Beta Tape Transfers To DVD

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Advanced Media Integration is an Indiana-based company specializing in top-notch professional audio and video production for over forty years. We specialize in manifold video formats including rarer Betacam (also called Betamax) footage, ranging from the analog inch-sized tapes of the eighties to the DigiBeta format of more recent years. Beta tapes had better quality than VHS tapes but fell out of popularity because they could only record one hour of footage.  Continue reading

The Importance of Camera Movement in Video Production

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video production

Pre-production is a crucial step in video production because it is the time when you begin to visualize how your project will look. One of the most important aspects to consider is how you are going to move the camera during production. Using a static, or stationary camera is okay for some shots, but can easily be overused. You want to use camera movement because it keeps the audience engaged, and it also allows you much more creative control over the atmosphere of your video. Moving the camera brings your project to life.  Continue reading

How to Achieve an Accurate White Balance in Photography

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White balance is an often overlooked aspect of digital photography. In comparison to the constraints of film photography, digital photography allows you to set white balance to adjust automatically depending on the scene. However, an improper white balance can effectively ruin a photograph. Here are a couple of tips for getting an accurate white balance. Continue reading