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Marketing: How Social Media Brings Customers to You!

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The ultimate goal of any business is to draw in as many consumers as possible. With the advent of social media platforms on the internet, and most especially memes, bringing people into the fold has become a lot easier than before. Instead of spending a lot of money on a commercial for television or an ad in the newspaper, businesses have found social media to be much more cost effective as well as more efficient. Continue reading

Fantastic Videos with Professional Editing and Scriptwriting

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Scriptwriting and editing provide profession looking videos. When producing a marketing video for your business, you want to be sure your message hits home with the viewers. With so many videos and websites online, customers are inundated with information overload. You have a brief opportunity to push through the crowd and let your product or service shine. However, an amateurish production will likely get lost in the mix of the many images and videos competing for attention. Here are 2 great reasons hiring a professional is a smart move. Continue reading

Should You Use Drones for Your Wedding? 5 Points of Consideration [Part 2]

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[continued from part 1 – Should You Use Drones for Your Wedding? 5 Points of Consideration]

 Giving the importance of your big day, it’s no surprise that aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular within wedding photography. Unique angles for both videos and photos allow you to capture every moment in ways that you won’t soon forget. But should you use drones to photograph or film the event? Here are 5 points of consideration that can help you make that decision. Continue reading