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Mastering proper exposure for basic DSLR video shooting and editing

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Mastering proper exposure is essential for any DSLR video because of the limited latitude (dynamic range) of DSLR cameras. Unlike film cameras from your childhood, DSLR’s are unforgiving with shadows and highlights. 8mm film nicely ‘rolled off’ the whites in overexposed highlights. There weren’t any clipped highlights with, only natural sky as you would expect. DSLR’s work better in low light than film stock with their previously unheard of sensitivity. Even so, if something in the frame is too dark, there’s simply no information for the editor to pull out later when you’re raising the gain in post. Continue reading

Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO: Advanced Media Photography Tips

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Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO form the three connected points of the photography triangle. These basic controls of your image are maintained in a delicate balance each time you take a photo. Each of these variables enable you to control the exposure of your image, the depth of field, help you keep fast-moving subjects from blurring, and let you take a photo with very little light available or work in direct sunlight. A mastery of these three variables -and their interaction with each other- can free you of the automatic settings (which are not that good) and produce truly professional images. Continue reading

15 Amazing Video Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

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Do you use video as part of your marketing strategy? If you don’t, then you’re practically the only one. Videos have an enormous marketing power, whether you’re using it in blogs, on YouTube, in emails, on opt-in pages, or wherever. Here are the stats to prove it: Continue reading