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Advanced Media Integration Expands Fort Wayne Aerial Video and Photography Services

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At Advanced Media Integration, we understand it is important to both ourselves and our clients to stay as up to date as possible on technological advancements in the video production industry. In an effort to better serve our clients in …

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Recently Inherited a Collection of 35mm Slides? Preserve Them with Photo and Slide Transfers

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photo and slide

Having a family member pass away and receiving a large box of 35mm slides will likely bring back some great memories that you had with them. While the slides may be in decent condition, you do not want to keep …

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3 Ways to Bolster Your Business Through the Use of Videos

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Having your own business is a challenge but a rewarding accomplishment, as well. With the business world being competitive and new start-ups coming along all the time, owners and marketing directors are continually looking for new ways to keep their …

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