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3 Must Have Elements for Packaging Your CD or DVD Project

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Packaging is everything. If you make your DVDs and CDs look professional from the second your audience sees the case, the entire experience makes your company look great. But working through another third-party to polish the finished disc adds a few more steps and more delays to your project. Instead, find a CD or DVD duplication company that can handle everything in-house. Here are three design additions to keep in mind:

What does the case look like?

Whether you’ve made a movie, are producing a quarterly stock presentation, or building a family album, how the case looks matters. Find a company that can make the finished product glossy and professional. These services can range through everything from giving you a template based on the product’s purpose and your personal style to designing it themselves.

Your disc’s case will automatically look more professional and high-quality with a well-designed case cover.

Does your content need an informational insert?

Every CD or DVD you buy in the store includes an insert. Sometimes it’s coupons and special offers. The insert might mark a commemorative disc. No matter what extra information you want to give your recipients, make sure the insert looks as good as the case cover. Even gifts and family reunion discs benefit from an insert that includes names, event details, and a heartfelt message.


Don’t forget the disc!

The last thing you want is for an excited audience to open a great cover and see a plain disc. Find a shop that can print a crystal-clear cover that snugly fits your disc, even if it’s a shaped or minidisc. Your CD or DVD does its best marketing when it’s recognizable¬†both in and out of the case.

If you want to turn your media file into a polished product in one stop, go to Advanced Media Integration here.

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