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3 Reasons to Transfer 8mm Film and Preserve Memories for a Lifetime

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Your family heritage began with the use of transfer 8mm film for capturing their home movies. For example, an 8mm film camera likely filmed your grandparent’s wedding. Picture preserving those memories for your children to watch for years to come. Even if you find an old projector for 8mm film that still functions, many complaints stem from the picture jumping. Solve that problem and many others by digitalizing your 8mm film format.

Three benefits of transferring the 8mm film to digital

8mm films will not last forever, and some 8mm films are over fifty years old. The film can deteriorate, and you can lose precious family memories forever. By transferring your 8mm film to a digital format, you can preserve those family memories for a lifetime.

1.     Projectors for transfer 8mm film will soon be obsolete.

Unfortunately, even if you find an old 8mm film projector online or in a shop, there are many issues with it not operating correctly. You can even risk the projector tearing up the film and ultimately destroying memories that you can never get back.

2.     Sharing your memories with the entire family.

Imagine sharing your grandparent’s wedding from decades ago with your mother in an email. Words will not describe her joy at relieving their beautiful moment over and over again. By transferring your 8mm film to digital format, you will be able to share that memory with all of your loved ones.

3.    Transfer 8mm Film and Free up storage space.

If you have quite a few 8mm films that you have been keeping in boxes for years, you can free up some space. Having your home movies digitalized can allow you to store them on a computer or other device. You will not lose digital memories.

At Advanced Media Integration, we specialize in  DVD and CD Duplication and Replication. If you have any 8mm film you want to preserve for a lifetime, share those family reunions, birthdays, or weddings now. Our transfer process will keep your family heritage alive for generations to come. Contact us today for quality, professional 8mm film transfer.


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