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3 Reasons to Start transferring Your VHS Tapes to DVDs Immediately

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VHS Tapes

VHS tapes seem like a relic from a bygone era, but they were the primary form of recording video and watching films as little as twenty years ago. That means most of us have, or know someone who has, a large collection of VHS tapes saved up. They were the go-to tool for home movies, taping television shows, and recording live events. Here are three reasons to start converting those VHS recordings to an easier DVD format.

Save on storage space.

VHS cassettes take up a lot of space in your closets and shelves. Even if you cut down on bulk with paper sleeves instead of the larger plastic cases, both the physical size of the cassettes and the limited data each cassette can hold will add up. Once you transfer your videos from VHS to DVD, you can reduce the amount of space dedicated to your video library tenfold.

Don’t let home video footage film degrade.

VHS cassettes aren’t built to last forever. In fact, all forms of media can degrade over time and in even well-maintained, dry storage conditions. Switching over to DVDs means you can more easily store the video files on your computer, as well. Extra back-ups and different types of storage are the best way to make sure your home videos have a long lifespan. DVDs also aren’t susceptible to the physical wear and tear and crinkled film that can happen when VHS tapes are played or rewinded.

VHS Tapes

Keep your footage accessible on newer systems.

VHS players are getting harder and harder to find. Not only are they not in most stores, they’ve disappeared almost entirely from most homes. That means your VHS tape collections are only so many plastic boxes. But once you get the recorded footage transferred to DVDs, you can use almost any player. Because they have the same dimensions and specifications as computer disks and Blu-rays, almost every entertainment device can play them.

It’s important to switch over your old footage to DVDs and easily readable media while the tapes are still in good condition. Go to Advanced Media Integration here to get started.

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