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3 Tips for a Beginner Videographer

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Videography is the art of capturing a moment, event, performance, or idea in video form. In most instances, the videographer must then assemble and edit the footage into a finished product. The videographer has often only been seen as someone skilled in operating a camera, but in this increasingly technologically savvy world, the videographer is a jack-of-all-trades understanding video, audio, lighting, and editing.

This diverse skill set requirement creates a daunting task for those wishing to start in videography. It is not enough to only know about cameras, a videographer must also incorporate other aspects of production into their tool belt to become successful.


There are some basic steps that a videographer can take to start their career out strongly.

  1. Have the right tools. A videographer has to have the right tools to do the job. Before any videographer can confidently start accepting work they need some basic gear. A beginner list of necessary equipment includes: HD video capable camera, a way to capture audio outside of the camera’s mic, a basic lighting kit, and a means to edit gathered footage. These tools are not always the latest and greatest in video and audio technology—though it is advisable to have an HD camera as HD has become the industry standard. Less expensive tools will get the job done, as long as the person using the tool knows what they are doing. An out of focus shot recorded in 4K resolution is just as bad as the same shot in 1080p.
  2. Know your gear. As mentioned previously, it is important to know the tools you are using. If you put a 4K camera in the hands of an inexperienced operator you will likely not get a masterpiece production, but you can put an iPhone in the hands of talented operators and get a quality production, such as the 2015 film Tangerine shot entirely on iPhone.
  3. Start small and invest as you grow. Starting out as a videographer will require some upfront monetary investment, but this investment should not be too steep. There is no need to go all in on expensive and flashy equipment from the beginning. Instead, make a small investment upfront to establish a working kit of gear that you can begin to create quality work and use to assemble a presentable demo reel. Once you have established work you can then reinvest in yourself and begin upgrading equipment as you see fit.

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