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3 Tips for Writing Effective Video Scripts that Convert

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Writing an effective video script is one of the most important aspects of creating a video for your business. This applies to sales videos, marketing videos, explainer videos, or any other videos your company might produce. Here are a few tips for writing an effective video script.

Get the Point Out at the Start

Get the point out right at the beginning of the video. This is also known as BLOT or Bottom Line On Top. Many people will only watch the first few seconds of a video before moving on, especially on platforms such as Youtube where most video ads can be skipped after a few seconds. In addition, if your video’s message is vague, most people won’t bother staying on to find out what it is about.

Less Is More

It’s important that you be concise. Too much fluff will distract from your message. If you can’t find a reason to include something in the script, don’t include it. When you need to mention something, find a way to get the most important points across without wasting too much time.


Use Supporting Data

Concrete data works amazingly well in videos. Showing statistics about a problem will catch the viewer’s attention; showing statistics about how your product has helped people will increase conversions. When you want to prove a point, use data from experiments, polls, surveys, and research. Graphs and charts are great ways to help people visualize the data.

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