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Preserving Your 35mm Slides: A Reminder Of Home

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35mm Slides

35mm slides are important to preserve. There’s this really great scene from the show Mad Men where Don Draper pitches an advertising campaign for the Kodak Carousel, a 35mm slide projector. He notes that the format “lets us travel the way a child travels, around and around, back home again, to a place where we know we are loved.” It’s a very beautiful sentiment about a classic way to relive memories of vacations or special events.

Of course, Mad Men took place in the 1960s. Nobody is using slide projectors anymore.

That said, just as formats like 35mm slides help us preserve our most cherished memories, we need to preserve the aging mediums we use to enjoy them.

Digitizing Your 35mm Slides

For some of us, obsolete formats are the only documents we have of old loved ones or important past events. Digitizing them before it’s too late ensures that these memories can last forever. When you send us your slides, we will remove any and all dust and debris to maximize photo quality before scanning them at 4000 DPI. We can work with a wide variety of slide types and sizes, including uncommon irregular sizes, and all orders come with a complimentary data CD or DVD.

35mm Slides

Enjoy An Old-Fashioned Slideshow

For an additional fee, we can also provide a DVD of your slides in slideshow format. This way, you can gather around a screen and enjoy these slides as they were originally intended, just like your folks did back when they had them made.

At Advanced Media Integration, we’re a family-run business that understands that these items are precious. We will put you in contact with the person responsible for handling your materials and return them in a timely fashion. Contact us today and let us get started preserving your family’s memories forever.

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