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Advanced Media Integration Transfers Vintage Fort Wayne, Indiana Footage

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From time to time, we come across some extremely rare and vintage film, video, slides or photos. Recently, while transferring an old Betacam SP tape to DVD, we found some classic footage of Fort Wayne, Indiana from 1938. Originally shot on 16mm film and transferred to Betacam format, the footage features several buildings, parks, schools, and churches in downtown Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. With our client’s permission, Advanced Media Integration wanted to share this historical video recording and take a look back at the city’s past.


In this footage of downtown Fort Wayne, several landmarks that still exist today can be seen as well as many that are no longer there. Some of the highlights include trolley cars running down Main Street, the Baltes Hotel, the Keenan Hotel, and Hotel Anthony. Additionally, the market place, the court house and the old Frigidaire appliance store can be seen. Notice the difference of the skyline toward the end of this video.

Trains, Buses, and Planes

In this section, what was known at the time as the Pennsylvania Depot, now Baker Street can be seen as well as the old Greyhound bus station. This also gives us a unique look back at what airports use to look like. Known as Smith Field Airport, you can see people waiting for their loved ones to arrive on benches right outside the airport.

Fort Wayne Theaters

Formerly known as the Emboyd Theater, this is now the location of the historic Embassy Theater in downtown Fort Wayne. Also, you can see the sign and marquee for the Paramount Theater. Notice one of the movies playing is Snow White.

Fort Wayne Parks and Beach

In this footage you can see many of the parks in and around the Fort Wayne area. Notably, Lakeside Park looks virtually the same after all of these years. Also featured are Memorial Park, Fort Wayne Japanese Gardens, Reservoir Park and Municipal Beach.

Historic Building of Fort Wayne

This section includes many of the historic buildings located in Fort Wayne as well as footage of the International Harvester Plant and the General Electric Building. Other notable buildings; the Chamber of Commerce, City Light Office, City Hall & Police Headquarters (now the History Center), the Telephone Company, and the Filtration Plant.

Schools of Fort Wayne

In this footage, several of the city’s public schools from the time can be seen as well as Concordia College. As you can see, North Side High School looks almost the same, other than the recent addition of gymnasium.

City of Churches

While Fort Wayne has many churches located throughout the city, this section only focuses on three; Concordia Lutheran Church, Trinity English Lutheran Church, and Saint Jude’s Catholic Church. While some of the names of the churches have changed, all of the buildings are still in use today.

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