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Advanced Media: Introduction to the World of Photography

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So you want to become a photographer?

Photography is a diverse field with a lot to offer. It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused as a beginner. Where do you even start?

Here are five tips and tricks to give you a head-start:

  1. Read your camera’s manual. This may sound trivial to some, but your camera’s manual is a perfect starting point. It is impossible to shoot quality photographs without a general knowledge of your camera.
  2. Just shoot. Get out and shoot some pictures. Shoot plenty. Shoot obsessively. Commit to shooting ten photos a day for a month; give yourself a goal. The more the better! This initial phase of repetition will help cement your camera-handling skill. You will also eventually see your own preference and style born from this consistency. Don’t worry if you have an entry-level camera. Learning the limitations of your current camera will help you appreciate the benefits of a nicer camera once you progress.
  3. Pay attention to composition. It is imperative that you first learn the rules of photo composition before you decide to break them. Start out by following the “Rule of Thirds” religiously and adjust accordingly once you become satisfied with your results.
  4. Learn from others. View the galleries of accomplished photographers nearby and afar. Critique their photos and use them as inspiration for your own shoots. What makes their photos stand-out?
  5. Be forgiving. Shooting quality photos takes time and effort. Don’t be hard on yourself during the process; mastering the art of photography is a lifestyle, not a destination. Realize that you are in a constant state of learning, and focus on forgiving yourself for mistakes along the way.


In its purest form, photography is an art form that is different for everyone and has no “right” or “wrong” method. That being said, these five tips should help you get started.

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