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Advanced Media: What Can You Do with Shaped CDs?

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Shaped CDs

Marketing your business is about staying what’s current and engaging to your audience. Even in standard services and products, your business needs to stand out from the crowd. Whether your company focuses on producing media and distributing CDs or use just want a new way to reach your target audience, consider using shaped CDs.

What are shaped CDs?

Shaped CDs are just standard compact discs that have been cut beyond the usual circular shape. This type of CD is visually unusual. They can be shaped like stars, complex gears, and any block shape you can think of with rounded edges. Even with the unusual shape, standard CD-ROM drives and audio disc players can read the information and play the disc.

If you want an order of shaped CDs, they can be formed in two general ways: either through an injection molding process so the discs are built to shape, or through printing the material on a standard disc and cutting away excess material. DVDs, on the other hand, can only be formed through cutting. Both procedures are best saved for large-scale, or long run, orders.

Shaped CDs

What are the benefits of shaped CDs?

Shaped CDs are relatively rare. Even people who just see the discs will remember how unusual they are. That makes them a great opportunity to either cut them in the shape of your logo or use the shape to accent the cover image.

Another great way to make use of this type of CD is to use them as a business card. A musician or a music producer can print the business cards with audio recordings of their best samples. A programmer or web designer can fill the disc with their active portfolio. Once you start mixing files and physical advertisements, your company has a great tool to attract attention.

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