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The Benefits of Getting Your Home Videos Transferred to DVD

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If you have a collection of irreplaceable home videos, you probably go out of your way to ensure their preservation. Unfortunately, accidents happen that can damage some of your videos, such as when your player chews up a tape. While you can cut out the damaged section and splice the tape together, your video is still diminished by this, and further accidents are likely to happen in the future.

In addition to accidents, analog video recordings have a limited shelf life because the materials that comprise them slowly deteriorate. The best way of dealing with this is converting them to digital media such as getting your home video transferred to DVD.

The benefits of doing this are:

home videos

Longer Preservation

Analog home videos such as VHS can last up to 30 years with proper care. However, this isn’t guaranteed because it depends on environmental conditions and accidents associated with their use. By contrast, DVDs can last over a century.

To ensure against DVD damage from scratches, you can convert them into video files and store them online and on backup storage devices at home. You can create DVDs from these files whenever it’s necessary. You can also duplicate the DVDs or files as often as you like without losing quality.

Uses Less Space

Your digital collection will use up less space in your home because DVD is far more compact than VHS. This means that most of your shelf space is cleared up for other things, including future videos.

home videos

Improved Image and Sound

DVDs produce a higher quality video and audio experience than any analog video medium. This was a big selling point when DVDs were first introduced, and this fact remains true today.

No Degradation from Playing

Your videotape plays by sliding across playback heads, which causes deterioration with repeated playing. DVDs are played by shining a laser beam across its recorded surface, which doesn’t cause mechanical degradation.

Greater Viewing Convenience

If you forget to rewind your VHS after a viewing, then the next viewer will have to wait for it to rewind back to its starting point. DVDs allow you to quickly jump straight to specific places, while VHS requires a lot of manual back and forth searching. This uses up your time and causes extra wear.

If you want to preserve your home video collection and enjoy the above benefits, feel free to contact us to learn more.

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