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3 Benefits of Photo and Slide Transfers: Slideshows, Sharing and Reprinting

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Slide Transfers

Every time you look through your old photos and slides, do you find them becoming just a little more faded? Or do you find that parts of the photo have just become unrecognizable? Unfortunately, photographic paper and even slides deteriorate over time. However, once a photo has been digitized, it is stored electronically, and this is a medium that never degenerates. A digitized photo can be viewed on any of your devices—your computer, phone, tablet, and even your TV. And it will look the same every time you pull it up, thus preserving your memories for as long as you want. If you’re still not convinced, here are some more great reasons why you should get photo and slide transfers

Slide Transfers

3 Benefits of Photo and Slide Transfers: Slideshows, Sharing and Reprinting

  1. Slideshows: Along with your digitized photos, you’ll also get a free slideshow DVD. You can easily just pop this into your DVD player and then sit back and enjoy the display. This way, you can focus completely on reliving those moments instead of looking for the next photo that you might want to look at.
  2. Sharing: Another great reason why you need to get photo and slide transfers is to be able to share your photos. With photos and slides, only someone who is physically present with you will be able to see your photos. But once your photos are digitized, you can share them with anyone you want, even someone who is on the other side of the world.
  3. Reprinting: Keep in mind that when you have a digital photo, it can be reprinted any time you like. So you can always print a copy of a photo for your desk, your living room wall or your bedside table. And every time you print a copy, it will look as good as it did when you digitized it. Once a photo starts deteriorating, you can print another copy from your digital photo and replace the faded ones. Plus, you can print copies of various sizes, depending on where you want to put them.

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