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Maintain a Record of Your Family by Transferring Photos and Slides

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We’ve all experienced that feeling of going through old photo albums and marveling at how different we (or someone we knew) looked all those years ago. In some ways, the creation of those photo albums is a dying art. We now live in the age of the selfie which is more about making ourselves look good or presenting our lives in a way that will make others envious. Continue reading

Help Your Video Make an Impact with Blu-Ray Duplication

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Blu-ray Duplication

One can use Blu-ray duplication for many purposes. When you have a video that you want to share with a number of people, Blu-ray duplication may be the perfect solution. It can be a simple home video or a video of that short documentary that you made and want to circulate in order to get funding for more documentaries. Or it can be a company video with a product demonstration and a company profile. Continue reading

Remember the Way Things Were by Transferring Home Videos to DVD

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Home Videos

When you make a home video, the idea is to capture a moment that was meaningful to you so that you will remember it in the years to come. The human memory is not very reliable, and we often misremember things, even important things. But videos can help us to remember the way that things really were. Continue reading