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Don’t Let Your Video Get Recorded Over on VHS Tape: Transfer It to DVD

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VHS Tape

Many of us want to preserve videos we have on VHS tape. They might just be home videos, wedding videos or vacation videos. Sometimes, they’re just old movies and music that we can’t find anywhere else, even in this world where everything has gone digital. Either way, it’s possible to find a service that will help you transfer what you have on VHS tape to DVD. This way, you know you’ll be able to enjoy your videos for many years to come. Continue reading

Revive Earlier Memories by Transferring Home Videos to DVD

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Home Videos

When was the last time you saw a home video? It was probably quite a while ago. Most of us take a lot of pains to make home videos. We want to capture each and every moment while we’re living our lives—our weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc. We want to capture the baby’s first step and preserve it for posterity, not to mention the baby’s first word! Continue reading