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Preserving Your 35mm Slides: A Reminder Of Home

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35mm Slides

35mm slides are important to preserve. There’s this really great scene from the show Mad Men where Don Draper pitches an advertising campaign for the Kodak Carousel, a 35mm slide projector. He notes that the format “lets us travel the way a child travels, around and around, back home again, to a place where we know we are loved.” It’s a very beautiful sentiment about a classic way to relive memories of vacations or special events. Continue reading

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Transfer Home Videos to DVD

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Transfer Home Videos

Most people take a lot of great home videos, but they never actually sit down to watch and enjoy them. They tend to take them and forget about them. And if your home videos are in VHS format, then they will soon become obsolete. So it makes sense to transfer them to DVD. Continue reading