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Foundations of Photography: Composition – Filling the Frame

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Foundations of photography: composition and filling the frame. Filling the entire frame makes for some very pleasing compositions. It eliminates all the background distractions and really emphasizes the subject. There are many ways to do this. First, you could just move closer to the subject. Second, use a zoom or telephoto lens to fill the frame. As a last resort, you could crop the image on the computer in post processing. Doing it this way will cause you to lose a lot of image data, however.

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5 Videography Tips to Help You Make a Professional Video

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When you’re creating a video, there are many things to keep in mind, from the script for the video to the post-production process. How professional do you want to make your video? If it is only for your friends and family, you may not need an entire team of people to make your video. But it’s still a good idea to consider how the professionals do it before you start shooting. Here are a few things to consider:

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3 Characteristics of a Good Script for Your Business Video

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Nowadays, there are many uses for videos. Sure, you may watch videos on TV or at the movies. But videos can also be very useful to businesses. You can create sales and marketing videos, post them on social media or use them as a part of your email marketing campaign. You can also create training videos which can be of great help to instructors who are training your staff to do something new. Continue reading