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Some Things to Know Before Starting Your Filmmaking Career

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Some things to know before startng your filmmaking career. You’ve watched TV and movies your whole life, and at a certain point you’ve probably thought “I could do that.”

Good News: You can!

Bad News: It’s not as easy as it seems.

Here are a few things you should know as you embark on this filmmaking journey. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Transfer Your Family Photos Onto a Disc

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It’s hard to get rid of physical photos. Whether they were gifts from a relative or a built-up collection of events before everyone had a smartphone, the photos are a record of lots of memories. You might have a shoebox of old photos in a closet, several albums on the bookcase, and others slipped through the pages of the book. No matter how many you have or where you store them, make sure you have a backup of each photo on a disc. Continue reading