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5 Top Reasons to Transfer Old Tapes to Digital

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Transfer Old Tapes

Should you transfer old tapes to digital? Unfortunately, your collection of memories on old film or tape has a limited shelf life. Once that’s expired, those memories are gone. But you can extend their lifespan by digitizing those tapes.

Here are five reasons why you should transfer old tapes and jump to digital. Continue reading

Protect Handheld Home Videos With a Transfer to DVD

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Home Videos

Home videos transferred to DVDs can help preserve your precious memories. Throughout the decades, there have been a number of ways to capture the moments that matter to you. With 8mm films, VHS tapes, and even Betacam, there was something for everyone. These moments are unique and create nostalgia for you, your family, and your friends. But tapes and film can degrade over time, leaving you with less to view. Even if you keep your tapes and film safe and out of the sun, they will still start to deteriorate. There is a way to save them though and that’s by transferring them to DVD.  Continue reading

Enable Digital Compatibility by Transferring VHS Tapes to DVDs

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VHS Tapes

VHS Tapes to digital or DVD. Many of us remember the good old days when we were so excited to have bought a VCR! You just popped the VHS tape in, rewound it to the beginning, and then hit “play.” If you didn’t want to watch a certain section, you could fast-forward. If you wanted to record something off the TV, you hit “record.” The great thing about a VCR was that you could use it at any time you wanted and you didn’t have to watch commercials the way you did on TV! Continue reading