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Get Started with Videography in Your Own Neighborhood

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Videography is something that you can do to capture events in your life. Another option is using it to generate income in which you can treat it as a side gig or a full-time opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about videography and using it in a professional manner, you should consider some of the most effective ways that you can get started and generate success.

Once you get the right equipment, you should not hesitate to begin in your own neighborhood. Continue reading

Don’t Let Dust and Dirt Ruin Your Photos

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Things in storage always get a little bit dusty. Even if you keep your old photo printouts and the negatives firmly in place in their wax paper envelopes and small canisters, debris manages to work their way inside. Dust accumulates, dirt and pet hair find their way inside, and even moisture can start to make your photos’ previously pristine condition start to deteriorate. Stop the damage by getting your photos professionally transferred to electronic and disc copies. Here’s why: Continue reading