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Transferring 35mm Slides to Digital Format

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35mm Slides

Many of us find ourselves with boxes of old 35 or 120mm slides and negatives. Maybe they’re our own older personal collection, maybe we get them from a family member, or maybe we make a questionable choice at a yard sale; but regardless of how we come to possess them, we usually wind up wanting to take the shots digital at some point. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Adjust the White Balance Before You Continue Edits

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White Balance

You don’t always have to fix your white balance before you take the shot. Sometimes, especially if you’re working outside or with a lot of action, you can’t fix the white balance before the shot. But that doesn’t mean you have to start over. Get your film and pictures professionally rebalanced after the fact. Even if you plan on adding a filter, here are three reasons to request white balance first: Continue reading