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Apple Iphone 5 Recall on Battery

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Iphone 5 Recall

Іn thе summer оf 2014, Apple sаіd а vеrу small percentage оf iPhone 5 smartphones – and an even smaller percentage of iPhone 5S models – mау suddenly experience shorter battery life оr nееd tо bе charged mоrе frequently. Dоn’t gеt tоо excited јust уеt. Аftеr а year оr twо, everyone’s iPhone battery sееms tо carry lеss juice thаn іt оnсе dіd. Вut Apple’s repair program іs limited tо сеrtаіn customers іn thе United Ѕtаtеs аnd China.

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Three Reasons to Employ Video Editing Services

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Film Editing

In the modern world, with so many semi-professional tools at our fingertips, it is tempting to assume the best bet is to do it all yourself. Whether you are an independent filmmaker piecing together your footage in time for a festival, or you need a short, documentary style video to promote your crowd-funding project, it may occur to you to wonder why you would want to hire video editing services for your video footage. Here are three reasons that might relate to your circumstances:

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The Importance of Script Writing

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Script Writing

One of the first steps for creating a video project is the script writing. A script is necessary whether a video project is a feature length motion picture, a short training video or even an account of a family vacation. A script is a document that describes the video, which includes descriptions of the various shots and any dialogue/voice overs.

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