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Shutter Speed and ISO 101: An Introduction

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Shutter speed and ISO

Whether or not you are taking photographs or video, there are are many tools that can help you create quality-looking results. Two of these twos are the shutter speed and ISO. By understanding these features, you can have a better idea of how your camera works, and what it can produce.

Quick Definitions

The shutter speed of the camera is a measurement-typically in fractions of a second-of the speed that the shutter opens and closes on a camera. When you hear the click of the camera, that is the shutter opening and closing, etching what it sees through the lens and imprinting it on film or in digital memory.

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Marketing Strategies: Knowing Your Audience and Diversifying

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It seems like we live in the kind of world where we’re surrounded by marketing strategies on all sides.  When you’re at home, you see advertisements on TV or have direct mail delivered to your mailbox.  If you’re browsing the internet, you see advertisements on the websites you frequent.  You may also have marketing emails delivered to your inbox.  Plus, there’s also inbound marketing, the new internet trend, in which companies don’t actively reach out to you.  Instead, they make it a point to be prepared when you reach out to them by doing an internet search for a particular product or service.  If you run a company, you might be wondering which of these marketing strategies will work best for you.  Here are a few tips:

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What to Look for in Quality Photo and Slide Transfers

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Slide Transfers

In this age of digital media, it’s very important to safeguard and preserve your precious 35mm slides and family photos by converting them to digital images. Choosing the right company that specializes in photo and slide transfers may prove to be a little bit overwhelming, so we’ve gathered a few key ways to know if the company you’re considering is right for you.

Images help us recall great memories like family reunions, wonderful vacations and children growing up. Make sure these images are transferred on quality equipment. You want to be sure to sure that your images are being digitized on a scanner with the highest dpi (dots per inch) to capture all the richness and vibrant colors.

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