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Acceptable File Types for CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray Artwork?

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Setting up your artwork for your next CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray project is an important step that will not only showcase your project, but also your company or organization. Ensuring the correct setup and file type will save you time but could also save you money. Graphic design and setup fees can really add up, so it is important to provide the correct files the first time to avoid these unnecessary costs. The following tips and suggestions will help make sure your next media project goes as smoothly as possible. Continue reading

Tips for setting up your artwork for CDs, DVDs, labels, sleeves, or inserts

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Setting up and submitting your artwork for your upcoming CD, DVD or Blu-ray project can often be challenging and confusing. Incorrect size, lack of bleed area, and low resolution files can all negatively affect your disc face labels and printed inserts or sleeves. By following a few guidelines and tips, providing the correct artwork can save you valuable time and ensure your project turns out as expected.

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CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Duplication/Replication Tips and Suggestions: Master Disc

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So you’re just about ready to send off your duplication or replication project. You have your artwork ready to go and you filled out your IPR form, now you just need to burn the master disc. Before you do, keep in mind that there are a number of factors that could disrupt the playback of your material or even render it useless. Additionally, if you have a specific deadline or precise turnaround time, you cannot afford any delays or issues with your master disc that will slow things down. Other than incorrect artwork setup, a bad or corrupt master disc is the second most common problem associated with the duplication or replication processes. The following Audio and Video Duplication Tips and Suggestions will help ensure your next project goes smoothly and that your master disc features the expected playback.

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