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4 Common Mistakes in Videography

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Today, more than ever, many people have taken up the hobby of making amateur videos for fun. The ability to make videos using smart phones and tablets have made the hobby of videography easy. But even when you are shooting videos for a hobby, there are mistakes that you should avoid making so that your videos are more enjoyable. Here are four mistakes to avoid in videography.

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4 Essentials for Script Writing for Videos: Narrative Arc, Anecdotes, Information and Good Writing

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Businesses use videos for many different reasons.  A video might be an advertisement which is shown on TV or on the internet.  But videos can also be used for instructional purposes, such as the safety videos you see on airlines.  Additionally, businesses use videos for training purposes when they want to teach their staff certain tasks.  So videos have many uses in businesses and script writing for videos is an important task. Continue reading

Using Drones for Aerial Photography

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People who get into drone flying do so with the idea of using drones for aerial photography. Quad-copters are the perfect type of drones for use in aerial photography. They are able to climb to very high altitudes to provide a great view of an area or landscape. They are also able to carry on board cameras that can photograph large areas and record a dazzling array of perfect images.

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