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Capture Beautiful Landscapes with Basic DSLR Video Shooting and Editing Tips

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Although DSLR cameras are known for taking excellent photos, they have become a huge contender in the videography industry in the past few years. However, while it is easy to find classes or valuable information on improving your photography skills, bettering your videography skills is a little more challenging. If you want to capture beautiful landscape clips, you should consider following a few basic DSLR video shooting and editing tips.

Be Choosy with Your Hours

Depending on the time of day, you could be destined for mediocre videos. It is ideal to capture videos in the early morning or late afternoon when the direct sunlight will not overtake the video with glare.

Landscape of a poppy field with dramatic colouring.

Focus on Steady Shooting

If you want to take outstanding videos, you have to learn to shoot with steady hands. Alternatively, you can invest in a tripod to get the greatest stability possible. Another option is to use a monopod, which only has one leg and is more versatile, but does require a decent amount of work on your part to maintain steadiness.

Learn to Manually Focus

Although the autofocus feature is getting better with every DSLR release, it is just not up to par with manual focusing, especially when done correctly. It is best to jump in and start using manual focus for both photos and video, and eventually you will get the hang of it to the point where your videos are always sharp.


Edit Out the Start and End

Oftentimes, when you start a video, the first second or two is spent getting the shot ready. Also, at the end of the video, you will generally have a short period of time in which you are turning the video off. For easy editing, you should remove the beginning and end of your videos to ensure each video avoids unwanted additions.

If you want help with video shooting, editing, or putting your videos on a CD or DVD, contact us.

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