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Choosing Marketing Music to Engage Your Target Audience’s Emotion in Corporate Video

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Think about your favorite movie.

If you don’t have one, think about your child or your spouse’s favorite movie.

Many people remember their favorite movie like they remember a song. There’s a rhythm to most movies and TV shows. There’s a pulse.

There’s a feeling, a voice and a vision. The filmmaker and his or her team communicate these things using tools like graphics, costume, makeup, talent, environment, and of course, music. In fact, music is likely more powerful than you think.

According to, National Public Radio:

  • “Science all but confirms that humans are hard-wired to respond to music. Studies also suggest that someday music may even help patients heal from Parkinson’s disease or a stroke.”
  • “The cries of babies just a few weeks old were found to contain some of the basic intervals common to Western music,” and
  • “Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. That’s why she sees so much potential in music’s power to change the brain and affect the way it works.”


Engaging Emotion with Marketing Music Can Make Your Corporate Video More Effective

Have you explored music’s full potential to help you reach your goals?

When you consider using music to build emotion in your corporate video, you should approach your music selection like you would your marketing¬†campaign. You must first, identify the goal you’ve set for making the video, (get email sign ups, inform consumers about your product, persuade investors etc.).

Once you’ve identified your goal, grabbing the reader in an emotional place is something that music is exceptional for. Let’s say you’re selling organic products in California, (an already saturated market).

Let’s say that what makes your products unique is that they’re completely edible, contain pure essential oils and your customer designs his or her product. Though so many product lines in California are organic, natural and healthy, we all know that one cream might work for one person’s eczema, yet not for another’s.

Many natural, organic market proponents state that they know a product will or will not work for them by its smell or their instinct. In addition, some people have known allergies and aversions. The fact that you allow the consumer to design his or her own completely safe, even edible product is significant.

Your music might then cater to consumers that make organic product buying choices based on:

  • Gut instincts,
  • Healthiest memories
  • A lack of interest in taking a risk


Though you’re in an organic market, as you can see, the consumer you might be appealing to, has been there and done that on the organic scene. You’re not targeting a flake here. Your target is open-minded enough to understand that natural products are effective, yes. However, your target consumer is practical and self-aware, yet sentimental; and someone who embraces a holistic lifestyle.

As an example, these are “moods,” borrowed from PremiumBeat.Com:

  • Gentle/Light,
  • Joyful/Cheerful,
  • Military/Patriotic,
  • Uplifting,
  • Relaxation/Meditation,
  • Sentimental/Romantic

Which would you choose to explore to engage emotion?

Understanding your target customer might cause you to take a look at the Military/Patriotic category, though at first, it might not seem to fit. Many of the other genre’s that seem to fit at first glance, don’t speak to a buyer that’s efficient at solving a problem with healthy products. However, combining music that generates feelings of efficiency and effectiveness along with a category like, Gentle/Light, (which sounds unassuming and humble yet positive), would likely speak more to your target.

Joyful/Cheerful, seems uninformed. outgoing and presumptuous; Uplifting doesn’t hit the target; Relaxation/Meditation brings to mind vegging out and sleeping or searching; and Sentimental/Romantic is a step backwards combined with a slight dopamine rush.

This is not to say that music in one of these categories wouldn’t suit your needs. It’s just saying, if you were judging by category name alone, as you can see, a specific and targeted music selection can really help you accomplish your goals.¬†Contact us to learn more video production tips and tricks.

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