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4 Common Mistakes in Videography

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Today, more than ever, many people have taken up the hobby of making amateur videos for fun. The ability to make videos using smart phones and tablets have made the hobby of videography easy. But even when you are shooting videos for a hobby, there are mistakes that you should avoid making so that your videos are more enjoyable. Here are four mistakes to avoid in videography.

Not having a storyboard:

When you’re shooting a video, you want to plan it out. Write your script and then attach the script to corresponding video drawings of what you’re going to show. Your story should be paced well and flow coherently and smoothly. Think of your storyboard as your map for the direction in which the production’s going.

Plan the shots out in advance so you know the lengths that they need to be.  You also need to know the locations, the people who will be in your footage, your angles, and the lighting.

Short Scene Lengths:

If your shots are just snapshots, your video will be sub par.  The video should be clips that are at least 5-10 seconds long and longer, when possible. Your viewer needs the time to absorb what they’re seeing. If your shots aren’t long enough, all your video is going to be is a glorified slide show.

Holding Your Camera:

Unless you want it to look like a candid camera show, you should use a tripod so that your video is clean. It will give the video a professional look, avoiding the jumps which can be distracting.

Overusing Special Effects:

Even though special effects are fun, they can also turn viewers off and be nerve-wracking. Don’t use things like switchers or dissolve units too much. Use your special effects once in a while and use different ones during your video. Use a couple of your simple dissolves in between your thoughts to start out with and see how it goes.

Even when you are just making videos for fun, you want to make your videos look great. Avoiding these four videography mistakes will make your videos look more professional and will help you be a hit on YouTube.

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