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What Are Some Common Video Editing Mistakes?

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In any production piece, especially when it comes to the industry, there are plenty of aspects to keep in mind. However, video editing is one of the most essential, and it can be the difference between a quality piece, and one that seems rushed or poorly paced. For example, have you ever watched a film where it seemed like the pacing was off, or the transitions between certain scenes were a bit disjointed? Not only could this be a case of faulty editing, but even more so, here are two common video editing mistakes to avoid, especially if you’re a beginner.


Whether you’re working on a short film or a larger production piece, it’s important that you know how to transition between shots and scenes. For example, when editing your production piece, where do you want the scene to end, and more importantly, how will you transition to the next one so it flows smoothly? Will the next shot take place in a completely different setting, or will it still focus on the current moment? These are some questions you should ask yourself. Also, if you’re working on editing a smaller production piece, using special effects in your transitions could work very well, but you don’t want to overuse them either.


Lack of Planning

Considering how much of a time-consuming process video editing is, it’s important that you plan ahead of time, even before the editing begins. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone, and your production piece might even have some final edits right down to the last-minute, but it’s still something to consider. For example, you should jot down notes about important scenes you know will require transitions, as well as any cuts you plan to use. Planning ahead of time is effective, because it allows you to work on your editing diligently, without feeling disorganized and rushed for time.

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