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Don’t Lose Video Quality: Digitally Transfer Your VHS Videos

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Your cache of VHS home videos and old recordings is invaluable. But it can feel like all of the content is locked on the cassettes. They’re bulky, hard to watch, and impossible to catalog. Transferring the video to digital files is the best way to maintain your footage collection so you can both enjoy it and preserve. If you don’t have digitalization equipment yourself, make sure you research your options before selecting a final copy. Some companies transfer your files with a projector, which leads to a loss of video quality. Look for a company that scans your film so:

You don’t have secondhand footage.

File transfer processes that use a projector have flaws. Imagine the last time you watched a YouTube video with a television or projector screen in the foreground. Even if the camera was focused on the image, the quality was poor and a lot of contrast is lost. While professional projection-based transfer processes are better, there is still a lot of loss.

But when every frame of footage is directly scanned, you retain all of that contrast and color quality. You also don’t have to worry about flickers light interference.

Every frame is captured.

Every frame of your footage matters. Whether your raw film has a low frame rate per second or the quality is excellent but your usual viewing equipment has a low fps, you need every single image of your footage. A direct digital scan means you don’t lose anything. The movement will stay just as sharp and clear as in the original.


The footage is enhanced and repaired.

Digital scans┬ácan also be cleaned. If the footage has muted colors, a bit of decay from long-term storage, or needs a filter, that’s best with the right transfer method. Look for a company that offers a full range of services with the best digital scanning tools.

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