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Drone Controversy: Privacy Rights vs. Legitimate Use

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Despite drone technology adding value to the lives of many, and countless businesses and individuals taking up drone piloting for commercial or personal use, not everyone is happy with this burgeoning technology. Many Americans have voiced concerns about the dangers of people misusing this powerful technology.   This has not only caused quite a bit of controversy on the subject, but it has also caused many states to enhance regulatory laws. As with any controversy, there are two sides to consider.

Perspective 1: Privacy Rights

Some feel this technology makes it far too easy to invade someone’s privacy. This isn’t just a hypothetical proposition either. One man actually shot down a drone that was hovering over his teenage daughter while sunbathing!   Growing concerns for privacy and safety sweep the nation as similar stories pile up. Many are understandably concerned about stalkers and child predators using this kind of technology to hurt the innocent. However, are those suggesting banning drone use in all but a few rare instances overcorrecting for the problem?


Perspective 2: Legitimate Use

Many drone pilots and fans believe that, while, of course, drone use should be regulated to protect privacy and safety, excessive restrictions could limit personal freedom, along with the economic interests of a slew of industries, businesses, and individuals. They feel there are a large number of drone uses that are completely legitimate. These include photography and videography for photo and filming companies, along with many other separate industries such as real estate.   They don’t want to see people put out of business or forbidden to expand their services and profits due to an overreaction to legitimate concerns. There are issues to be resolved. They just think they should be handled appropriately, without an abundance of unnecessary caution.


Food For Thought

This is clearly a complex issue requiring proper thought and measured solutions. In the past, many other technologies have presented issues and benefits which needed to be weighed together. Hopefully, the solutions to these issues can be found without limiting the technology’s potential for good.   If you have video, including aerial drone footage, that you’d like created, edited, duplicated, or transferred to another format, please contact us to discuss how we can help you create the ideal outcome for your needs.

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