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Drones Drive the Construction Industry

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Drones are becoming more popular and encompass a wide range of uses. One area that drones are making headway is that of the construction business. By utilizing aerial photography and videography features, the construction industry is benefited. When drones assist contractors with monitoring and surveying, the building project is facilitated more expeditiously. Let’s look at some ways drones and UAVs aid the construction industry:

Keeping your job on task

With a drone construction monitoring service, you have a picture (literally) of what’s going on at all times. Aerial photographs and video provide site leaders with a unique view of the job area. On the ground, it’s just not possible to be everywhere at once. With the aid of quiet drone flying overhead, site managers can keep the job moving forward, not getting bogged down by multiple site issues.


Keeping safety and health standards monitored

Aerial surveying can give real-time reports of the whole work site, so that if a safety or health-related problem occurs, you can resolve it quickly and have accurate records.


Highlighting your work to clients

Showcasing your construction work has fantastic results when viewed aerially.  The same construction drones you use for monitoring the job site can also produce some quality photos and videos of your work from a whole other angle. Add these to your portfolio and online for prospective clients to view.

Drones and UAVs are technological advances that profit many industries. Advanced Media Integration offers full service aerial photography and cinematography services. Our fleet of UAVs, or drones, has the ability to capture high quality 14 mega pixel HD photos as well as 4k resolution HD video. We specialize in difficult to obtain shots and angles that cannot be achieved with typical full size aircraft or standard equipment. Utilizing an advanced GPS guided navigation system; Advanced Media Integration has the capability to acquire unique perspectives such as aerial panoramas and full 360° footage. If you would like to find out more information about our capabilities, please contact us today!

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