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Drones Offer a Unique Perspective for Your Special Event

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Drones have revolutionized the way events can be captured and shared. Just a few short years ago the only options for aerial photography were to hire an airplane or a helicopter, which could run $500 or more per hour. Today you can get amazing aerial photographs and videos for a fraction of the price.

Advanced Media Integration houses a fleet of UAVs that are equipped with astounding 14 mega pixel cameras for pictures, or you can get 4k HD videos. With the advances in drone technology today you can capture any occasion, turning even the smallest gatherings into great memories. Utilizing an advanced GPS guided navigation system; Advanced Media Integration has the capability to acquire unique perspectives such as aerial panoramas and full 360° footage.


Looking for a unique way to capture your wedding? Drones offer a unique perspective while giving you the freedom and hassle-free option of not having to worry about where to set-up your photographer.


Festivals / Concerts

Festivals and concerts are usually much larger events that require an insane amount of planning and coordination to run smoothly. Drone footage can create amazing marketing and event recap videos that guarantee all of your hard work gets noticed. With an aerial perspective, event planners can now show off event locations, crowds of people, and their set-up in a unique way that really puts the audience in the event.

Sporting Events

Sporting events can often be one of the most difficult things to capture on video. Unless of course you are a major network television studio working with multiple cameras at every imaginable angle – but even they miss the shot on occasion. This may leave you thinking that you have no chance of capturing your sporting event. Not so. Drones can maximize your abilities for capturing every play from a great angle.

No matter what event you are planning, Advanced Media Integration can help capture your special moment. Contact us for details.

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