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Drones Provide the Construction Industry Many Benefits

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In the last several years, drones have made a splash in the business world for all the fascinating things they are able to do. From land surveying to aerial photography to construction work, drones are helping businesses in many ways. As technology advances and drone prices decrease, expect to see more usage of drones in the business industry. So, just how are drones used today in the construction industry? Here are 3 ways drones make the construction contractors job easier.

Provides an overview of the job

Some construction sites are large or expand over several different properties. For the site manager, it is difficult to see everything that is going on at once. Plus the view the manager has is at ground level. Now, bring in the drone with aerial photography, video cameras, and real-time feedback; the site manager keeps updated on all aspects of the job. Having a bird’s eye view of the project allows the manager to make sure everything is going as planned.

Land surveying

When a construction site needs to be surveyed, drones conveniently provide accurate information. Drones access places that may prove too dangerous or hazardous for people to access. Rocky terrain, cliffs, and bodies of water are all areas over which they safely navigate.


Structural analysis

Drones provide images for the construction manager that can then be analyzed closer. The zoom, pause, and reverse function allows builders to closely study the architectural structure from all angles. Additionally, defects that may be overlooked on the job are noticed.

Drones have done a lot to boost the construction industry. Their role will continue to play a part in the future as well. Contact us at Advanced Media Integration for more information about this topic!

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