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Don’t Let Dust and Dirt Ruin Your Photos

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Things in storage always get a little bit dusty. Even if you keep your old photo printouts and the negatives firmly in place in their wax paper envelopes and small canisters, debris manages to work their way inside. Dust accumulates, dirt and pet hair find their way inside, and even moisture can start to make your photos’ previously pristine condition start to deteriorate. Stop the damage by getting your photos professionally transferred to electronic and disc copies. Here’s why:

Professional companies can remove dirt and dust without damaging the photos.

If you try to scan your photos at home, you’ll always find a lingering bit of dust and fibers on the scan when you zoom in. If you scan in the photos and then put them back in storage or, even worse, throw them away, those image files can’t be easily repaired after the fact. Send your photos to a professional company that can carefully remove everything on the surface without further damage.


Sooner is always better.

If you have the only copies of a photo, then any growing damage can’t be undone. Once water and time start to eat away at the details of old family faces, there isn’t a way to get those sections back. Once you see signs of damage on your pictures, send them to a scanning and file transferring service so you can hold onto what’s left.

Some of the details can be repaired.

Professionals don’t just have-quality scanners and cleaning procedures. They also have high-quality image editing software. With increasingly smart AI programs, some of the pixels and fuzzy details can be filled back in. Sharpening programs and facial software can put life back into photos that had a hard time in storage. Send them in to see what can be remastered.

Photos age better when they are digital copies. Send your picture collection to Advanced Media Integration so you get a long-lasting, digitally repaired album.

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