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4 More Tips for Writing Effective Video Scripts that Convert

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video scripts

Want your marketing videos to be effective? It all boils down to a high-converting script. Here are a few script writing tips to help you out.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the most effective techniques in sales videos. Many sales videos feature a success story; it helps viewers relate to the video, to your customers, and to your marketing message. However, you don’t need a “story” to create a storytelling video. A storytelling video just needs to have each point build up to the next point (creating little suspense moments is a big part of this). There needs to be a flow.

Be Concise

It’s easy to get caught up in writing a poetic script with fancy words. Don’t do it. Use simple words that get the message across. You also want to use concrete nouns as opposed to abstract nouns whenever possible.

Think About Your Viewers

When drafting your script, you have to take your viewers’ situation in mind. Where will they be watching the video? On your website? Facebook? Youtube?

You also need to take into account where they are in the buying process. Are you targeting people who never heard about you before? Or are you doing a retargeting campaign for people who already visited your website?

video scripts

You Need a Call To Action

Including a call to action will increase your conversion rate tremendously. Your entire video and video scripts should build up to the call to action until it seems natural and not salesy. Your call to action can be anything, really: Share this video, subscribe to our Youtube channel, click the link and sign up for a free eBook, call us for a free consultation, etc.

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