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Enjoy Perfectly Restored Photos and Slides in Digital Format

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photos and slides

Are you wondering how your old photos and slides can be preserved for prosperity? Worry no more, Advanced Media Integration helps you transfer your old family pictures and 35mm slides to digital format.

Our team of experienced professionals has expertise in replication, duplication, and multimedia production to ensure you get high-quality images.  There are four effective methods used in transferring old photos and 35mm slides to digital format through specialized technology.

Photos and Slides

Most people think that a flatbed scanner is the easiest way to scan a slide, but the truth is, the results may not level your expectations. Since an ordinary scanner uses a thin beam of light, it can’t light the entire slide. Our experts use a diffuser for an even spread and enhance a quality capture.

Slide Projection

A slide projector is a standard solution for digitizing slides, especially one that can project a clear image.  When using a projector, we incorporate a converter box to take a photo of the projected image from the pack.

photos and slides

DSLR Slide Duplicator Mount

Our experts mount slide duplicators on DSLR cameras which enhance the quality of the slide photos. These lens-mounted devices have a slot for placing the slide to get a full-sized high-definition image. The video output feeds in our DSLR cameras, this enables viewing the images through a computer, which in turn helps in enhancing the quality of the picture.

Photos and Slides Digitized

This is a more practical alternative that uses hardware with the capability of scanning slides once inserted. The scan is sent to a USB device or saved to an SD card. Although it is a costly method, you are guaranteed clear and excellent images from old slides and photos.

Advanced Media Integration has over thirty years of experience in the industry and is established in Blu-ray services, short-run duplication, CD and DVD replication. Protect old memories through top-notch digital solutions by contacting us today for all your multimedia needs.

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