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Fort Wayne Aerial Photography: Flying Laws and Using the Right Camera

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Fort Wayne Aerial Photography

We’ve recently purchased a UAV to begin shooting Fort Wayne Aerial Photography and Videography, while this has been a great addition to our services at Advanced Media Integration, there was many rules and regulations we had to research before we could even get the UAV up in the air. ┬áHere are some things we’ve learned along the way and a couple of suggestions on the camera of choice for us.

Using UAV (drones) for aerial photography is becoming more of a common practice in the last year thanks to drones being more readily available for purchase without breaking the bank. Taking photos via drone can also be a great advantage to those who need to show off property, high-rise buildings, or just need better photography for specific ground projects. But with controversies about drones breaching privacy lately, you have to be judicious on following aerial laws in your state. You also need to focus attention on what kind of camera you may need and what lens works the best.

When taking a camera up on a drone, you have to think of how the wind at a higher altitude is going to affect the camera through vibrations. That doesn’t even include other weather elements like haze, or even mist.



Before you even worry about doing anything, though, be sure to check the federal and state laws regarding flying drones in your area. On a federal level, the FAA says drones have to fly no higher than 400 feet and have to be several miles away from airports. On the state level, flying a drone near apartments and homes could pose problems on trespassing laws. You’re better off flying in an open area away from someone’s window since this has already been a problem in other states.

There isn’t a doubt, however, that you can get some spectacular shots from a drone. With the actual drone easy to buy now (some as low as under $100), many are small and lightweight so it’s easy to transport to a certain location.

What kind of camera should you consider that can get the best results while flying at 400 feet?

Are GoPro Cameras the Best Bet?

It seems that everyone uses GoPro cameras now for the most rugged photography. Many of them are extremely lightweight, so they’re perfect to use for drone photography. Be sure to use some gimbals to help support the camera a little better so you don’t deal with vibrations from the drone motor. This could make the difference between a clear photo and one that’s slightly blurry.


Plus, don’t forget to consider the type of lens you want to use. One with fast shutter speed will be essential in order to capture the best clarity. Shorter lenses might be better to prevent the wind being any factor, though long lenses might be necessary if you’re capturing more detail on the ground.

We can help you choose the right equipment for drone photography right here at Advanced Media Integration. This is a new area we’re soon getting into, and we’ll help you find the perfect tools to get the best results.

Contact us to find out more about drone aerial photography and what equipment we’ll help you use to make it a safe and ethical practice.

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