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Four things that can ruin your video

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It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your video is. Good, high-quality video matters and a subpar product will always be judged worse than something you take your time on and do a good job with. The little details can trip you up and they are what can make or break a video. Taking the time to properly edit a video can make a good video better while failing to catch certain flaws during the editing process may result in your video’s complete and utter failure. The things that you need to look out for and catch during the editing process are:

Out of Sync Audio on Your Video

Out of sync audio is one of the worst things that can happen to your video during the editing process. There is very little more jarring or distracting in a video than having audio that is not synced to the video properly. If a character in your video moves their lips but the audio from their lines is not played until after their lips finish moving then the audio sync issue will be a serious distraction. Audio issues are one thing that can easily kill any video project.

Clips that serve no purpose

Every section of a video should serve a purpose. Having a part of your video that is just there for the sake of being there is a terrible idea as not only is it a waste of hard drive space but it also wastes viewer’s time by forcing them to watch content that has no purpose. For every clip that you put in a project, you should make sure there is a reason to have it and it isn’t just there to be there.


Unbalanced Audio

In the event that a video has sections with both music and characters talking then the balance of your audio is critical. If the conversations are too loud and drown out the music then there might as well not be music. On the other hand, if the music is so loud that you have to struggle to hear the conversations then that defeats the purpose of having music as a supplemental element.

Clips/Video Sections that go on too long

In addition to serving a purpose, video clips should not be overly long. A video section or clip should go on for as long as they need to in order to achieve their objective. If a video lasts for too long then you are just forcing viewers to sit through content that doesn’t need to be there and this will often result in viewers leaving if they feel their time has been wasted.

These are just a few of the things to watch for when editing your videos. For additional editing tips and services, Contact Advanced Media Integration.

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