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Preserve Historical Letters Through Scanning and Digitization

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Historical Letters

Historical letters and scanning? It is not unheard of for people to collect important documents such as old photos, letters, or other mementos. Having them digitally scanned can be a nice way to preserve them.

There’s so much value in historical documents, especially letters. Many historical letters have an irreplaceable personal value, especially if they have ties to your family history. Today, heritage assets may not only be valuable to you personally but to the general public as well. This is largely due to people sharing ancestry information more now, and they’re just as likely to connect with someone as a common history as they are with someone based on geography or any other outside factors.

What Is Historical Letter Scanning?

Historical letter scanning is the process of digitizing old paper documents that have been stored personally, in a library, or archive. This process is done using a document scanner that captures the images of the documents and converts them into digital files. The scanned images are then saved to a computer or server. Historical letter scanning has numerous uses, such as making copies for reference, digitizing for preservation purposes, and archiving for future use.

What Are the Benefits of Historical Letter Scanning?

There are several options available for those who want to preserve historical letters. You can either store them in acid-free folders or you could put them in a glass case. While this can preserve their physical integrity while keeping them safe from harmful agents, it’s an expensive route. Alternatively, you can scan and digitize your historical letters.

Historical Letters

When your letters have been scanned and digitized, you will not have to worry about deterioration. You will also be able to view them and share them with anyone who may be interested. If you are presented with an opportunity to have those historical letters published, you can easily send the publishers the digital copies that have been made.

Safely Scanning and Preserving Historical Letters

Early on, researchers and archivists were reluctant to use digitizing because it could damage the original artifact, so they often opted for photographing or scanning them instead. However, with the advent of new technologies, digitizing has become more common. The goal of scanning and digitizing historical letters is to scan documents without damaging them in any way. This will allow anyone to preserve these historical documents so they can be available for future generations.

As with handling any old and fragile historical materials, Advanced Media Integration ensures special care is always taken whilst preparing and digitizing historical letters. We currently have some historical letters that were written more than 150 years ago! Are you looking to digitize your historical letters? Contact us today!

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