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Revive Earlier Memories by Transferring Home Videos to DVD

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Home Videos

When was the last time you saw a home video? It was probably quite a while ago. Most of us take a lot of pains to make home videos. We want to capture each and every moment while we’re living our lives—our weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc. We want to capture the baby’s first step and preserve it for posterity, not to mention the baby’s first word!

It can be a lot of fun filming these videos, but they’re not going to be much use if they’re going to deteriorate over time. And this is pretty much what happens when your home videos are on VHS.

Home Videos: Earlier Videos vs. Later Ones

If you’re an avid videographer when it comes to home videos, then chances are you switched to a digital camera somewhere along the way. And maybe you’re now happily editing home videos, adding background music, and creating gorgeous videos that are all digital.

But what about those older videos which are all on VHS? Isn’t it a good idea to preserve those as well? Because chances are there are some really good memories in those earlier videos. If you managed to get the baby’s first step or word, it’s probably on those earlier home videos and not the later ones.

Home Videos

Advantages of the Digital Format for Home Movies 

One advantage of making your home videos digital is that it’s so much easier to play around with them after that. You can cut and paste sections of different videos and create a montage of sorts. And the fact is that if your memories are on DVD, you’re going to watch them a lot more often than you would on VHS. Plus, if you’re looking to jog the memories of your older parents or spouse who is getting a bit forgetful, give them a DVD.

Contact us to learn more about how you can bring your older memories to life by transferring them to a digital format.

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