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Charm Future Generations by Transferring Home Videos to DVD

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Home Videos

Transferring your home videos to DVD is the perfect way to make sure that you will be able to view them many years from now. It depends on which DVD you use, of course, but at the minimum, a DVD has a life expectancy of 25 years. If you use the right DVD, such as a DVD-R or a DVD+R, then the DVD will last for 100-200 years.

The Charm of Watching Old Home Videos

If you transfer your home videos to DVD, that means that it’s not just you who will be able to enjoy them but also your children and grandchildren. Not only will they be able to recreate their family tree but they will also be able to see the kinds of things that families used to do together in the past. They’ll be able to look at the old fashions and find them charming or peculiar, as the case may be!

Celebrating Family and Momentous Occasions

Home Videos

Most of all, these home videos will help your children and grandchildren to know that they came from a loving family whose members used to spend time together, either at home or on vacations, and were there for each other. Plus, they will help your family to recall momentous events like weddings, quinceaneras, graduations, proms, etc. So if you want to pass on your happy memories and ensure that they bring happiness to the lives of your kids and grandkids, consider transferring your home videos to DVD.

The Quick Deterioration of VHS Tapes

As you may know, VHS tapes deteriorate pretty quickly. Even if stored under ideal conditions, they can’t last more than 25 years. Most companies stopped making VHS tapes in the mid-2000s. This means that even the most recent home videos that you have on VHS are at least 15 years old and have probably suffered some deterioration. It’s likely that they are quite a bit older than that. So if you still have some memories that you are interested in saving, then get your home videos transferred to DVD right away.

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