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Using Perspective and Composition to Achieve a Better Photograph

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Whether you’re an amateur photographer who takes photos with your phone or a professional who knows everything there is to know about various types of cameras and lenses, there are certain things you should keep in mind to help you take a good photograph. For example, what exactly is perspective? And how do you use it to take a good photo? How do you make sure a photograph has a balanced composition? And what impact do the colors in a photo have on composition?


We hear a lot about perspective, but many people don’t actually understand what this word means. Perspective is not a complicated thing. It’s just about how things appear smaller and smaller the further they get. For example, a mountain may look very tall close-up but starts to look smaller as it gets further.


This is something you can use to your advantage in a photo. Make sure that the thing you want to emphasize in your photo is close by and the things which are not important are far away. This will help you to get the perspective right. You can also play around by trying to photograph something from different perspectives i.e. different points of view. You can try photographing something from a higher or lower perspective to see which gives you a better photo.


The composition of a photo generally refers to how balanced it feels. Does your photo somehow feel like it’s skewed in one direction? Is only half the photograph really interesting? That means that the composition of the photo is off. Nowadays, of course, you can crop your photo to improve its composition.

One thing which determines whether a photo is well-composed is the color scheme of the photo. In general, it helps to spread the colors out within a photo. For example, a photo that has more green to the left and more red to the right may come across as skewed. But a photo in which there are splotches of red and green all over (imagine a Pollock painting) will come across as having a better composition.

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