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Recently Inherited a Collection of 35mm Slides? Preserve Them with Photo and Slide Transfers

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photo and slide

Having a family member pass away and receiving a large box of 35mm slides will likely bring back some great memories that you had with them. While the slides may be in decent condition, you do not want to keep them in this state as they will continue wearing down until they lose their clarity. So, it is in your best interest to get photo and slide transfers to preserve these photos for good.

photo and slide

Eliminate Wear and Tear Issues

The most beneficial reason for transferring these slides to a CD, DVD, USB drive, or hard drive is to avoid missing out on being able to access the photos in the future. You can print out photos of the slides, but these will wear down as well. As long as you are able to store these files on the cloud or on a working hard drive at all times, you never have to worry about losing these important and memorable photos that you inherited.

Restore Their Appearance

In many cases, there are improvements that can be made to the appearance of the photos. Most of it revolves around removing the dirt and dust that has accumulated on the slides through the years. But, this is something that you should let professionals handle to avoid damaging the slides at all.

photo and slide

Enjoy Modern Photo Editing

When you get these photos on the computer, you can do some amazing things with them. You can add captions, crop out certain parts, adjust the contrast, or make everything sharp. It is even possible to take old black and white photos and have them colorized by a professional who specializes in it.

Digitizing your family photos and slides will not only prevent further decay but will also enable your family members to enjoy them once again. Advanced Media Integration will remove dust, dirt, debris, and other imperfections from your photos and slides. Additionally we will scan your items up to 4000 dpi and provide a data CD or DVD copy of all your family photos and slides. This will allow you to print additional copies or share them on the web. Advanced Media Integration can also produce a slide show DVD or Blu-ray with custom music, menus, and packaging. Contact one of our customer service representatives for more information on photo and slide transfer services.

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