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Photography Basics – Master the Art of Composition

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Direct the eye of the viewer.

One key difference between a mediocre photograph and a fantastic photograph is the composition. As the photographer, you need to direct the eye of the viewer. A strong composition will include these three tactics:

1. Include a clear path of vision in the photo. This includes using any leading lines available; whether it is a footpath that meanders from one side of the frame off into the distance or a street of buildings directing focus towards a corner of the frame. Finding leading lines takes practice and is a crucial skill in creating an effective composition.

2. Use (and sometimes ignore) the Rule of Thirds. This rule splits the frame into three equal columns and three equal rows. The key here is to position the subject of your photo in one of four corners of the center rectangle. This typically creates a pleasing balance between foreground and background, as well as horizon and sky. Once you are familiar with this rule, you will become accustomed to situations where it is acceptable to break it (as it is with many photography “rules”). Sometimes the sky is full of detailed clouds and repositioning the frame upwards can increase the viewing experience.


3. Focus on your subject. This tactic is one of the most effective ways to direct the eye of the viewer. Utilizing a shallow depth-of-field on a lens will force the viewer to look at what is in focus; this is typical of portrait photography. In photos of wider depth-of-field, simply ensuring that your subject is in focus is a necessity.

Of course, composition isn’t always as simple as it seems.

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