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Two Motion-Photography Tricks You Can Try with Shutter Speed and ISO

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shutter speed

Learning the three pillars of photography — namely how shutter speed, ISO, and aperture work — is crucial to becoming a great photographer. Once you’ve gotten the hang of those essentials though, you may wonder, “Okay, now what?”

If you’ve already familiarized yourself with your camera’s basic settings, there are actually some cool motion-related tricks you can now try with shutter speed and ISO alone. Not only will these techniques generate some nifty photo effects, they’ll also help you further practice navigating your camera’s menus, as well as become more intuitive about which settings are useful for specific scenarios.

shutter speed

Trick #1: Blur Subject Movement (Long Exposure Technique)

Perhaps you’d like to capture the movement of a pianist’s hands, or maybe you’d like a ferris wheel to look like a circular blur of color.

shutter speed

With your camera mounted on a stable tripod, slow down its shutter speed to something like 1/2 — for an even blurrier shot, try 1 second or higher — and set your ISO to 100 or 200 if you’re outside. Aim your camera at a subject, hit the shutter button, and check the result. Anything moving within the frame should be blurred. (Don’t bump the camera while the shutter is open! Trust us on this one.)


Trick #2: Keep a Moving Subject in Focus (Panning Technique)

This one’s good for capturing people or vehicles in motion. Set your shutter speed and ISO as described above, but this time hold your camera and pan along with the subject as it moves. They should remain in focus while their background is blurred. Pretty cool, huh?

shutter speed

We hope you enjoy using these photography tricks. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the shutter speed and ISO aspects, throw some various aperture settings into the mix. Experimenting is the best way to improve!

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