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Script Writing for Videos: “Hooking” the Viewer with a Great Concept

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Everyone knows the difference between a good advertisement and a bad one.  There are advertisements on TV that just leave you feeling blah, even if the product being advertised is one that you might be interested in.  And then, there are advertisements that catch your eye right away.

Visuals vs. Concept

What distinguishes ads that catch your eye from ads that don’t?  Is it just that the video is more striking, with crisp colors and better focus?  Is it that the models are better-looking?  Or does it have to do with the concept of the advertisement?

Why Visuals Are Not Enough

Most people think that the visuals of an ad are the most important thing but you can have great visuals without evoking any real interest.  The viewers will be momentarily distracted when they see a great car or a beautiful model.  But they’re likely to forget all about it once they finish watching the ad.

“Hooking” the Viewer

For an advertisement to be really great, it has to have an idea or a concept—something that the viewer can take away from it and remember even in the future.  And this idea or concept arises from the script.  This is why script writing for videos is really important–it “hooks” the viewer.

Screenplay close-up 1 (generic film text written by photographer)

Script and Execution

We’re not saying that script writing is the only important thing.  You can have a great script but if it’s not well-executed, it won’t catch the viewer’s eye.  On the other hand, mere execution is also not enough.  So a good advertisement requires both—a good script and good cinematography.

Qualities of the Product

In order to draw the viewer in, you first have to decide what exactly  you’re planning to emphasize about the product.  What makes this product or service special, unique or different?  If the advertisement is for a blender, you might stop to think about the good qualities of this particular blender.  Is it versatile?  Is it cheap?  Is it convenient?  Is it easy to use?

Product Demographic

Secondly, you need to think about the demographic this blender will appeal to.  Who’s going to get the most use out of it?  Stay-at-home moms?  People who are on the go?  Bodybuilders making protein shakes?  If you advertise a product using a female model when it’s actually something that appeals more to men, you’re not going to reach your demographic.

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