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Transfer Family Photos and Slides to a Digital Format

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What did you think the last time you went through a box of old slides or family photos? Perhaps you remembered viewing them together, gathering around a screen illuminated by the projector in a darkened room. Then the thought moves to the equipment needed to share these moments and the hassle of the old physical formats. A digital format would not only make your slides and family photos much easier to share but also aid in preserving them through migrating to a newer format.

Transfer Slides with Advanced Media Integration

Advanced Media Integration offers a range of services in multimedia production, duplication, and replication. As one of Indiana’s trailblazers in the area of video production, we draw upon over thirty years of experience in a wide range of areas. For family photos and slides, we offer several specific services.

Our Process and Technology

Our transfer process utilizes a specially-designed photo scanner that can transfer images of up to 4000 DPI. Additionally, our process increases the quality of your photos and slides through removing dust and dirt.


Every order of 35 mm slides or photos includes a DVD or data CD of the images for free. For a fee, we also offer a slideshow DVD.

We can transfer the following slide and photo sizes: standard 35mm slides, double-sided 35mm, 2.5 × 3.5 (wallets), 3.5 × 5, 4 × 6, 5 × 7, 8 × 10, 11 × 13, 16 × 20, and irregular sizes.

The Results

Advanced Media’s expert staff, commitment to excellent work, and advanced equipment ensure that your beloved slides and photos will transfer to their digital format with care and superb quality. With your images appearing free of debris and grime, you’ll want to continue sharing memories around them.

Interested in learning more about our slide and photo transfers? Contact us. We also offer 8mm and 16mm film transfers and negative scanning.

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