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Why Isn’t Your Smartphone Enough?

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#1. But My Smartphone is Perfect!

“Everyone I know carries a smartphone.  If you bump into a long-lost-friend; or your kids or dogs are doing something awfully cute, or the look of the beach takes your breath away: pull that phone out of pocket or purse, and the moment’s caught.  And the new, even smarter phones have special modes like ‘portrait’ for snapping really good photos, which we can share immediately on social media.  What’s not to like?  And my phone wasn’t cheap: why should I spend extra money on a camera?”

#2. Your Smartphone Can’t Capture What You Want

That opinion makes perfect sense, but it’s badly mistaken.  You treasure the image of that friend from long ago and far away.  In years to come, it will be fun to tease your grown-up children by showing their boyfriends and girlfriends what the kids got up to.  It will be sweet to reminisce about Rover long after he’s passed away.  The beach looked like paradise because the setting sunset the waves and sand sparkling.  You decide to frame up big prints of that old friend, the young kids, and the dog: problem is, the pictures that looked so good on your phone’s little screen are low-resolution – meaning that when the image is expanded it’s all grainy and distorted.  What a pity!  The beach shot is hypnotizing until you find that although you can do a little simple editing to get rid of some glare, the image really doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the scene.

#3. Dedicated Cameras

There wouldn’t have been any of these limitations if you were using a camera camera – I mean it’s nothing but a camera.  If you think about it, with most technology the machine that has a specialist job does better than the combo – there are always technical sacrifices.  For example, a washer-dryer doesn’t wash as well as a stand-alone washing machine, and the same goes for drying.  


Cameras are for shooting pictures, period, and their pictures are way, way superior to a smartphone’s.  There are a whole bunch of reasons, but the most important one is glass.  Nowadays most everything you use incorporates a computer, and the software running smartphones is really smart.  But what more than anything else is responsible for the quality of the photo is the lens, and your phone’s lens can’t begin to compete with the lens on a camera.

Bulky and inconvenient?  No, a modern compact camera slides easily into your pocket or handbag, just like that phone.  It will capture breathtaking images you can print large to frame and display. You can edit them to your heart’s content (maybe that can become a hobby). And of course, they can also be posted to all your favorite social media.

So spend that extra money on a camera.  The wonderful images it will give you to cherish are worth every penny!  To get going, contact us.

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