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3 Tips For Great Summer Photography

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Summer is finally here! Warm days and lots of light make summertime a great opportunity to take photos. When it comes to photography, however, summer has its own set of rules.

Use The Light To Your Advantage

If you want to take pictures of people or pets, try shooting at dusk or dawn. The light at these times just has a natural, golden glow that lends itself to great photography. Don’t have your subjects look into the sun, though, as they’ll probably end up squinting. On the other hand, if they’re in front of the sun, you run the risk of shooting a silhouette. Shoot the subject from an angle that allows you to avoid both pitfalls.


Incorporate Summer Elements

Make the most of the season by incorporating classic summer elements. Floppy hats, sandals, sprinklers, flowers, trees … the list is endless. Don’t forget those sunset shots, either!

Get A Polarizing Filter

Have you ever taken a picture of a beautiful summer scene, only to find the photograph seems dull? Use a polarizing filter to bring out the summer’s vibrant colors. Skies, flowers, trees, and clothing will all look better, with richer, brighter tones.

Protect Your Camera

Sweat, sunscreen, and heat can all damage your camera. Shooting on the beach can be particularly tricky, as you’ll need to be careful not to get sand in your camera. Keep a few towels handy, and try to avoid having to change lenses on the beach. Try taking along a waterproof camera. You may not have the quality of a good, regular camera, but you won’t have to worry about damaging your equipment, either.

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