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Gain a Different Perspective with Video Editing for Your Business

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video editing

Although you may be more than capable of editing your own videos, this does not necessarily mean that you should always take advantage of this skill. It is beneficial to get video editing services every once in a while, mainly …

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Choosing Marketing Music to Engage Your Target Audience’s Emotion in Corporate Video

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Think about your favorite movie. If you don’t have one, think about your child or your spouse’s favorite movie. Many people remember their favorite movie like they remember a song. There’s a rhythm to most movies and TV shows. There’s …

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Utilize Basic DSLR Video Shooting and Editing to Market Your Services

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If you own a service-based business, many potential customers are going to be interested in reading reviews and looking at a portfolio of your previous work. However, you can provide something even better in video footage, whether it is a …

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Fort Wayne River Greening 2015

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Advanced Media Integration, in conjunction with the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters and Get Green, are proud to display footage from 2015’s Fort Wayne River Greening celebration. 

Using Drones for Aerial Photography

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People who get into drone flying do so with the idea of using drones for aerial photography. Quad-copters are the perfect type of drones for use in aerial photography. They are able to climb to very high altitudes to provide a …

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