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Three Things to Look for from a CD Replication Service

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CD Replication

Every business is in control of their own media. No matter what industry you’re in, you have the tools to create high-quality videos and digital recordings. But if you want to make sure your productions reach a large audience offline; CDs and DVDs are the most practical solution. Whether you have a limited time short run of a video series or you have software modifications that need to be transported by disk instead of by file, make sure you’re getting the resources you need to back up physical production. Look for a DVD and CD replication company that:

  1. Doesn’t have minimum mandatory orders.

As marketing gets more and more precise, you can figure out precisely how many copies of a given CD that you need, as well as tight estimates for future sales. That means minimum mandatory orders are a waste of money and storage, especially if the CD’s content is seasonal. So look for a vendor that lets you order precise volumes, even for small runs.

  1. Offers a variety of CD types.

Not all CDs are the same size or shape. While you may be focusing on standard compact discs for the majority of your customers, there’s also a lot of demand for mini CDs. Look for a CD replication service that can handle standard CDs, mini CDs, and shaped CDs in the same order timeline.

CD Replication

  1. Handles onsite graphic design and printing.

Your CDs are a final product, and they should look that way when you receive them. That includes labeling and graphic design so you don’t have to send them to another vendor for finishing. Look for vendors that offer a host of additional services, such as case design, shipping, and even warehousing.

If not all of your products can be sold as files and zip folders, CDs are the best solution. Go to Advanced Media Integration to get started.

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