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Three reasons you should write a business blog

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In today’s internet-driven society, most small businesses have upgraded at least to the level of having a business website. Many also maintain a blog along with their company website. It’s easy to add a blog to your website, so if you haven’t already done so, you may ask yourself “Should I start a blog?” Here are three reasons why you certainly should.

1. Reputation

Even if your business already has a stellar reputation among your current customers, growing your reputation is always a great way to get business. If people who haven’t used your company before know and trust you, they’ll be more likely to choose you over other similar businesses. Writing a blog with helpful, authoritative content is a great way to get an online following of people who trust your business.


2. Website traffic

Blogging is great for your website SEO. It allows you to have more indexed pages and more searchable terms that will help people find your website. You can help people find your site more easily by writing posts about problems related to your industry that your target demographic (the people you want to find your website) usually have. Then when they search for answers to those problems, your blog will show up in the search terms and they’ll find your website easily.

3. Word of mouth

Building an online presence through blogging and social media doesn’t just direct people to your site through search engines. It also helps direct them to your site via recommendations from other people. If one person finds your blog through a search and considers your blog posts helpful in solving a particular problem, then he or she can recommend your blog to other people who complain of the same problem. This means other people will get a referral to your site without even using a search engine.

If you’d like to know more about starting a blog and how our media services can help you with that, contact us today.

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