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5 Tips to Help You Create a Video for Social Media

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Social Media

Previously, the video format was used mostly in movies and on TV. But nowadays, videos are used for many more purposes. You see a lot of videos online, on YouTube and social media platforms. Mostly, the videos on social media are shorter—not more than 30 seconds. But they can be as effective as TV ads when it comes to marketing. And the rules of videography when it comes to these shorter videos are different. Here are some tips to help you create an online marketing video:

Social Media
  1. Keep It Clean: When you’re making a short video, you can’t have too many distractions. The video should be simple. Use just one model and one location. Just make sure that the final result is striking even though it’s simple.
  2. Keep It Focused: What is the aim of the video? Are you trying to sell a piece of clothing? Are you trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of a piece of equipment? Keep the camera aimed at the thing you are trying to sell because you don’t have too much time to include unnecessary scenes in your video.
  3. Post Videos Often: When it comes to social media videos, you can post as many as you like on your social media page. Of course, you may not want to spam your customers with a hundred videos in one day. But one or two photos or videos a day is not excessive on social media.
  4. Use the Material Around You: You might be wondering what you can keep making videos about all the time. Do you really have enough material for one short video every day? There are times when you can just shoot videos spontaneously. If there’s something happening in your organization or there’s a photoshoot going on, you can take a short video of it and post it online.
  5. Be Responsive to Your Viewers: If you find that one type of video is doing very well on your social media pages, you can shoot the same type of video with a few changes and post it again later. For example, if your viewers seem to like one model, why not use the same model in a different outfit and post a new video similar to the older one?

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