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Dirt, Dust, Stains and Scratches: Transfer your Family Photos and Slides to DVD.

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Slide Transfers

Sooner or later those boxes of your old family photos and slides will collect dirt, dust, stains and scratches. Many of these imperfections are nearly impossible to remove over time and will gradually become wiki trader scam worse. Failure to properly store or clean these items will affect both the color and image clarity over even a small period of time. So what do you do with all your irreplaceable family memories? In order to prevent further deterioration, digitizing your old photos and slides to DVD will save them for years to come as well as allow new generations to enjoy them again.

Family Photos

Old Photos and Slides

Steadily over time slides and photos will both start fading and colors can shift or even turn to a red or yellow spectrum. Light, heat, humidity, moisture, and changes in temperature all contribute to the gradual deterioration of these family keepsakes. Depending on the conditions and storage location, these elements can accelerate the corrosion and wear and tear on photos and slides. Ideally, your printed photos and slides should be stored in cool, dry area of your house. Unless you are using photo/slide storage container, avoid basements and attics. These areas of your house can become damp and are subject to seasonal temperature fluctuations. A bedroom or hallway closet is the best room to store these items. If you have photos in adhesive photo albums, the glue and plastic sleeve could also speed up the deterioration rate. Remove photos from this type of album; instead use archival plastic sleeves or storage albums.


Transfer Options

Digitizing your family photos and slides will not only prevent further decay but will also enable your family members to enjoy them once again. Advanced Media Integration will remove dust, dirt, debris, and other imperfections from your photos and slides. Additionally we will scan your items up to 4000 dpi and provide data CD or DVD copy of all your family photos and slides. This will allow you to print additional copies or share them on the web. Advanced Media Integration can also produce a slide show DVD or Blu-ray with custom music, menus, and packaging. Contact one of our customer service representatives for more information on photo and slide transfer services.

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